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** Please note that you will be billed in Euros ( € ) for all items when purchasing from

An automatic currency conversion will be provided by your credit card company or PayPal when checkout. Please check with your credit card provider and PayPal for information on currency conversions. All orders placed with undergo security checking to ensure that the payment card is being used by the authorized cardholder and to prevent online fraud occurring.

There are a variety of reasons your card may have been declined. If you are an international customer it is likely that your card issuer has placed a block on international transfers for security reasons. You can find out more by contacting your card issuer.



When a package is shipped internationally, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. Please note that the shipping cost paid when purchasing an item do not include any kind of fees for importing goods or taxes. Those fees are presented during delivery and not during checkout. Customer is responsible for the payment of any taxes and import duties that their country may apply according to their law.